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You Are Wonderful Children Hymns

Every child deserves a wonderful childhood filled with their favourite cartoon, games, bedtime stories and also Children Hymns!
Children Hymns of each generation have their own unique musical styles, but there is always the common goal of accompanying children through a happy childhood!

“You Are Wonderful” Project was initiated by Daie Culture, in collaboration with Happy Productions. Starting with an album of 8 wonderful songs, a series of parent-child educational activities were launched and promoted. The overall conceptualisation and the lyrics-writing team was led by Malaysia’s famous storyteller and picture book creator, Ng Kok Keong, while the mantle of leading the music production was taken on by music producers Ng Kang Kee and Wilson Tan. This album seeks to remind all to cherish what we have and to protect our inner values.

Love starts at home, stored in photos, written in words and hummed in ballads. Cherish your children's beautiful childhood and make these songs a sweet memory for them!

Smile when you think of "You Are Wonderful"!

You Are Wonderful
Children Hymns

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Product Info

Track List:

1.  地球是我们的家 Our Home Planet
2.  您的微笑 Your Smile
3.  一人一半 Share and Care
4.  牵牛花 Morning Glory
5.  谢谢我们是一家人 Family
6.  给动物一个家 Animals' Home
7.  谢谢你马来西亚 Thank you Malaysia!
8.  爱心袋袋 Bag of Love


Album Info

Release Date: Feb 2015

(P) 2015 Daie Culture Product Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)

(C) 2015 Daie Culture Product Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)

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