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The Wayfarers is a group of well-respected Buddhist singers and musicians from Malaysia who express their inspiration in the Dhamma through songs. The group had its beginning in 1981 from a choir that Victor formed at the Brickfields Buddhist Maha Vihara and was regarded as one of the most popular Buddhist musical groups in the 80s.

Happy Studio Malaysia would like to invite you to support this project to re-arrange and produce songs by the Wayfarers, in recognition of how the music had inspired and led many people to Dhamma. With the targeted fund to be raised, selected songs from the Wayfarers albums will be re-produced and released at various streaming platforms (YouTube, Spotify etc). 

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New Released

The Bodhi Tree

The Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree when he gained Enlightenment on a full-moon day in the forest of Uruvela. For one week this lordly tree sheltered the Master who was wrapped in deep meditation enjoying the bliss of Enlightenment. To this day, this tree is revered as a symbol of the Buddha’s Awakening.


- Dato Sri Dr. Victor Wee

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1. The Bodhi Tree


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Release Date: 4th May 2023

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