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My Happiness Actions
Audio Book

By Goh Hwee Khiang


Life never fails to meet us with overwhelming challenges. Unfulfilled desires, feelings of helplessness and an overbearing wave of feeling directionless can indubitably discourage anyone.

According to research by positive psychologists, an individual’s desire to increase happiness and well-being is more than just a fancy dream but is instead, a motivation for one to pursue and strive for the life they desire. There is one way towards happiness and that is to prioritise and focus on personal improvements and growth.


It is no secret that everyone has their own unique set of strengths and we are all familiar with the benefits of improving and putting our strengths to good use. But how many of us manage to explore and understand our own strengths in a systemic manner and subsequently uses our strengths in the right areas? With this audiobook, it guides us to devote our limited time and effort to things that matter. Offer yourself a new perspective on what happiness means to you, and bridge the gap between where you are and the state of happiness you desire. Repeat the practice like clockwork and reflect on what happiness means to you.


Identify basic concepts of personal skills and character strengths.

Recognize the positive emotions and ways to strengthen them.

Sort out the obsession of building up habits.

Improve life satisfaction in terms of psychological state.

Audio book #1 - Illuminate Your Strengths