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勇敢的小孩 | MAPPAC Theme Song MV

About Malaysian Association of Paediatric Palliative Care

MAPPAC is a registered non-profit non-governmental organization set up on 18th June 2018. MAPPAC aims to provide a platform for healthcare providers, volunteers and caregivers to contribute towards the development of paediatric palliative care in Malaysia.

Paediatric palliative care is also known as palliative care for children. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines palliative care for children as the active total care of the child’s body, mind and spirit, including support for the family, when a child has a life-limiting illness. A life-limiting illness is an illness for which there is no cure, and will result in a shortened life for the child.

MAPPAC activities and projects are supported by donations from well-wishers. For more information, visit MAPPAC website (click here) to show your support and loves!


About MAPPAC Theme Song

As children, we received love from our parents who hope for us to be healthy and well. But not everyone is so lucky and some children will have to prepare for a farewell to the world before they have time to grow up.
According to an estimation, 29 out of every 10,000 children in Malaysia need hospice care. These children will have to suffer through pain and fear.
The Malaysian Association of Paediatric Palliative Care (MAPPAC) is a non-profit platform for healthcare providers, parents, volunteers and caregivers to provide comprehensive physical and psychological support to all children in need of hospice care. MAPPAC hopes that Malaysia's first Children's Hospice will be established in the future, so that every child can be treated with tenderness.

As the production team of this song, Happy Studio 快乐制作 calls upon people to show their concern for these kids and their families. Life may be short, but we can keep them company with our love and compassion. These tiny actions can bring so much strength to their hearts.

Let's open the windows of our hearts and let the sun shine in.


Carmen 林康雯

Bachelor of Music (Major in Vocal), University Malaya

Carmen was the lead singer of the champion song “Longing For Him”, in the 14th Song Writing Competition (马大摇篮手-校创) University Malaya. Later, this song was released at various streaming platforms and became the first single from Carmen.

In year 2021, Carmen joined Happy Studio 快乐制作 and started preparing her solo album.


“Longing For Him” Single
“You’re Here, You’re Loved, You Are Light! Campaign Theme Song
“New Chapter In Life” Featuring Song
“Happy Family” & ”Nurturing Hands” You Are Wonderful Children Hymns

Track List:

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1.《勇敢的小孩》 MAPPAC Theme Song


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Release Date: 2nd Dec 2022

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