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Le Music E-Gift Card

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Living in the fast-paced society, we lose sight of what truly matters and become ignorant to the people around us. We would love to extend our reach to you, to remind you to regain a steady pace in your life, notice and appreciate the tiny details in your daily lives and care about the people genuinely from the bottom of your heart.

We believe that music can lead us to connect from one heart to the other and to discover a peaceful happiness. Music can become our steady rock, on which we regain our stability. 

Le Music's Special Launch of our Le Music E-Gift Card!
The Music E-Gift Card contains 3 heartwarming songs and the steps to redeem them are simple!

1. Upon receiving the Music E-Gift Card, download the Le Music App
2. Scan the QR Code of the album in the App!
3. Enjoy the music!

What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

How It Works

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Step 1
Pick a design

Step 2
Pick a playlist

Step 3
Submit Form

Step 4
Add to cart

Step 1: Choose your favourite E-Gift Card Design

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Design A


Design B


Design C

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Design D

Step 2: Pick your favourite music playlist 

Step 3: Fill up the form

Form Submitted!

Available Payment Methods

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Product Info

Product System Requirement:


This product will require Le Music Mobile App. The mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Apps Store

*Terms and conditions apply

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